“El Camp de La Bota” is a project in progress by Francesc Abad in archive format, that has been developed in different directions: web page, exhibition, published dossiers, catalogues, posters....in a way that it finds itself in constant construction.

In the year of the Forum 2004, Francesc Abad presented the first version of the exhibition, done in collaboration with the Association for the Remembrance of those Executed in the fight for Liberty in Catalonia, to the Contemporary Art Exhibition space of Girona and later to The Panera Art Centre of Lleida.

The dossiers were published in the journals, "L'Avenç" (May 2004) and "Quaderns d'arquitectura" (2004). Francesc Abad received, at that time, the fine arts award "City of Barcelona" for the project "El Camp de la Bota".

In January 2005 the exhibition started its itinerary of two years, to visit different exhibition halls and museums in different parts of Barcelona, in Prat de Llobregat. A new production team was created for the new project with the Association of the Friends of Art in Prat and the Town Council of Prat de Llobregat, in collaboration with the Office for Artisitic Diffusion (ODA) and the Office for Cultural Heritage (OPC) of the “Diputació” of Barcelona. It has also counted on the support of the Department of Culture, the Department for Institutional Relations of the “Generalitat” of Catalonia and the Foundation for Art and Law. Furthermore, in each municipality, there has been a local production and research team at the Regional Museum of Manresa, the Town Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, the Museum of Vilafranca, the Museum of Wine and the Museum of the History of Immigration in Catolonia of Sant Adrià de Besòs, Patronat Municipal de Cultura of Mataró, the Town Council of Roda de Ter, the Town Council of Mollet del Vallès, the Town Council of Terrassa, the Town Council of Súria and the Town Council of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

The municipalities that have hosted the exhibition, have been invited to add testimonies, research on the executed at “El Camp de la Bota” and in general, on the victims of the franquist repression, in graphic and document form. All the information obtained (official documents, graphic information and professional documents, momentoes and letters from families, interviews with relatives on video) have been archived on the website www.francescabad.com/campdelabota.

The visitors to the exhibition and the website are also invited to enrich the contents. To collaborate in the research, there is also a white book at the exhibition where one can write down new information.

All in all, the exhibition tries to recover a historical memory so forgotten and so necessary, and at the same time reflect on the uses of culture and the transformation of the public space in a globalised society.
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